The Players:
Mike Hockin: Keyboards, SONAR Sequencing, Guitar and Lead Vocals

Vocals: Mike Hockin-Kenny Hockin

Bob Story: Guitars-Bob Story

Jay Armstrong: Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitars and Backing Vocals

Sax: Dexter Payne,

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Robbie Lee
over 30 days ago to Mike Hockin

Thank you for your review of my song (It's Christmas Time Of The Year). Robbie Lee. I know that the quality is not at Its best, butI plan to have it and others professionally mixed and mastered as soon as I can afford to. Stevie Wonder was fortunate enough to not have to do his own studio mixing. I wish I didn't because, It stills a lot of my time as a blind musician from being an artist.

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Mike Hockin
over 30 days ago

I like the style: it gives a good feel to the listener. Way to go!

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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