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Mickey Bellottii has been called a ecc0o-affriming singer\songwritter He is a Texan by birth and a traveler bynature, at least in his heart.
His father was in the oil business. Orinally from WAXAHACHI the family movedaround a lot -- Montana, Colorado, Minnesota,
Illinois, among other places -- which accounted for
his sometimes vague answers to questions of where he
came from, at least that's how he tells it.

Mickey soaked up a variety of musical influences
ranging from his mother's folk songs and hymns to the
work songs from the nearby railroad yards.
He absorbed these sounds like Kleenex absorbs tears

Mickey spent a couple years in a military academy and
a bit more time in college in Colorado, contemplated
becoming A Franciscan monk for a year- the order
reminded him of the military academy. Although that
version of his life might be just more wool gathering.

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