Michelle Chappel, Ph.D. (Princeton) ditched a career as a psychology professor to follow her dream to be a singer-songwriter. Her music has charted in S Africa, the UK, and US College radio. Winner of numerous Billboard awards, Michelle's songs have also been featured in TV/film.

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Chappel was just offered a distribution deal by SavvyMuzik in Australia for her new CD "Shake it Up".

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MICHELLE CHAPPEL, Ph.D. (Princeton) was voted "Most Inspirational Professor of Psychology" at the University of California, Santa Cruz, but ditched academics to follow her childhood dream to be a singer-songwriter. Since then Michelle's had top 10 and 20 radio singles in South Africa and the UK, and a #1 hit on US college radio. Michelle was a finalist for "Best International Artist" (The Musicoz Awards) in Australia, where she was recently offered a distribution deal by SavvyMuzik.

Singing at the age of four, Chappel eventually left music behind to pursue a Ph.D. in psychology. When she was a professor students used to line up outside her office to ask for her advice. She always told them to follow their hearts. One afternoon she realized she wasn't following her own heart. She'd only written a handful of songs, but she knew if she didn't take the risk then, she never would.

Chappel's debut CD was distributed through PolyGram in South Africa, where 11 tracks received radio airplay and "A Strange Kind of Love" was a Top 10 single on regional AC stations. Her sophomore CD, "Infinity + 1, Man," was distributed to 25 countries in Europe through Gold Circle International, and held several Top 10 positions and a #1 slot on US College Radio. Her Madonna spoof "The Wheels on the Bus" (Shifty Disco Records) went to #17 on the UK charts, and the accompanying video aired on MTV Europe.

Michelle's newest CD "Shake it Up" just landed a distribution deal in Australia, and 5 songs have garnered Billboard awards.

"In a world filled with 'cookie cutter' recording artists, Michelle Chappel stands head and shoulders above the crowd."

- Greg Edmunson, music composer for the hit TV series King of the Hill


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