MFC has put together The Basement Backtracks, using a small group of hand-selected producers, some new tools and an old philosophy . . . “make ‘em clap to this”. The tracks give life to the individual stories of creators/artists Paris Toon and Tanya Thillet whose earlier days in the world of music are set to a soundtrack overflowing with Prince, Teena Marie, Rakim, Soul II Soul and Omar songs. Previewers of the MFC “Backtracks” EP have already begun referring to the CD and the vibe of the MFC unit as a new Groove Theory type of thing. The goal was to bring a sense of fun back into the r&b/soul sound with hooks and grooves that stick like sauce on your mama’s ribs. Hope you have a good supply of “wetnaps”.

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Since its inception, Mothers Favorite Child has earned over 1 million downloads on internet websites around the world, and reached #1 in internet CD sales. Each featured song at one time or another has secured a spot on every internet top 40 chart in each of their respective genres while still competing daily with current national acts on the Soul and R&B circuit.

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Mothers Favorite Child Unlocks the Basement

Mothers Favorite Child came to the scene, not as an individual or a band but as a musical movement. They are here to let us know that true soul music is organically grown from inspiration. Their purpose is to create great, timeless music that creators and listeners alike can admire and be proud of.

Now and again, MFC has dared to share snippets of their works on demos and websites across the cyber universe and as a result has created a surprising demand for a full-length album. This highly anticipated creation has been in the works for some time, delayed only by the artist’s need for the “truth” in each and every track (that truth compiled of the best musicians, vocalists, lyrics and vibe for the project).

Though Mothers Favorite Child is intent on taking as much time as necessary on their first major release, they do recognize that their eager audience is in dire need of a soulful pacifier. In true Mothers Favorite Child fashion, however, the idea was to reach backward and recall the days of the turntable. This time, they would create an audible appetizer that would reflect the journey of the creators, from the MPC’s, Keyboards and dusty basement mics to the moment before they grabbed live instruments for a new translation.

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