Medina Bird-E Maestas originally from Florida, lives and has his recording studio in Denver. He was trained in audio engineering at Full Sail in Orlando, Florida. Medina writes original lyrics and music using piano, keyboards, sampler, and turntables. He produces and engineers his music in collaboration with other artists. Medina has opened for Spice 1, N 2 Deep, After 7, Hammer, and B. Angie B. He has D. J.‘d with Big Jon Platt, Mix Master Ice of U.T.F.O., and Grand Master Flash. As a D. J. he won The Battle of The D. J.s in Colorado and won 1st place at The Budweiser Festival Battle of The Bands. Medina is on a compilation of East Side rap artists of Denver entitled “Stuck”. He, also, has produced “I Get So High” by gansta rap artist O. G. Boom of Cincinnati, Ohio. Currently he is producing rap artist JoMaR of Denver, rap artist Lokon of Denver, and rap artist Souloist of Clevland. Medina is also producing his own debut album in 2005.
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