Max Carola, Composer, Producer, Electronic Guitarist, Arranger, Recording Engineer, Mixer and Remixer.
Currently working as producer on many indie label projects but seeking a big break as composer/producer.
Co-owner of a small indie label and publishing company in Italy.
Also looking for emerging directors for film music composing.

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I just finished to mix a song (single) for composer Titas Petrikis from Lithuania. He was very happy. I'd love to mix your song in a pro way with my big pro tools Hd rig and a world class approach to your music. Call me for a test drive. Max

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Max Carola is a Musician, Producer, Recording Engineer, Mixer and Re.mixer working all over Europe. His Publishing company Non Plus Ultra is located in Italy and is the center of the work of the label Zooware Records. His Production and Engineering Work include collaborations with the Capri Studio, Peter Maffay, Aerosmith, Roxette, Inxs, Robert Palmer, Power Station, Fito Paez and many others.
Max has olso credits on albums many Italian stars including Pino Daniele, Mango, Bennatto, Battiato, Ron, Vasco Rossi. He is particularly fond of the work with the New Age pianist Susan Ciani working with her on two grammy nominated albums.
Max is currently working on the albums of several new artists that will be published on his own label.

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Massimo Carola joined Executive Studios in Napoli in 1981 as assistant engineer and keyboard programmer. He started experimenting with MIDI since 1982 pioneering that musical media. Almost immediately he started engineering, working with many artists including EUGENIO BENNATO, NINO BUONOCORE, ENZO AVITABILE, GINO PAOLI, JAMES SENESE, N.C.C.P., ZOOMING ON THE ZOO, MAURO DI DOMENICO, SOLD OUT, ANNA IDENTICI, ERNESTO VITOLO, LUIGI DE RIENZO.Massimo left Executive Studios to become an indipendent producer, creating his own production company and recording studio, The SUNSET STUDIO. He has worked wiyh numerous artists, as can be seen from the attached discography. Massimo is also a musician with many years of classical training and is still a member of ZOOMING ON THE ZOO as composer, arranger and producer. He worked as Session Guitar Player for many years working with the most important musicians in Italy including Pino Daniele, Nino Buonocore Eugenio Bennato e Mango. Massimo has composed many soundtracks for featured films and multimedia projects including "La Chiesa" produced by Dario Argento.

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