With the release of his first single My Beautiful Girl, Matty has arrived! Feel good music is making a comeback and Matty's unique blend of 60's and modern pop will have you singing and swaying in no time. He writes and sings and plays the piano and his debut album Moonbeam Child's out now!!

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With the release of his single "My Beautiful Girl", Matty has arrived! This is the first release from his upcoming album "Moonbeam Child". He wrote all the songs for the record, and with his team has produced an album that delivers a blend of 60's and modern pop that'll have you singing and swaying in no time.

Matty never thought he'd be able to use his song Moonbeam Child but still finished writing it anyway. A couple of years later he met a 60's radio show producer and was offered a slot for the right song and the rest as they say is history.....

The Moonbeam Child Project was a labor of love, 2 years in the making "You don't realise how hard it's gonna be till you do it yourself". Having a great support network of friends and family was crucial to getting the concept album of the ground. And with the help of his two producers Branko Pezo and Clive Lendich they've put together some great music reminiscent of The Beatles, Hollies, Monkees and other pop groups of the era.

Singing and dancing from a young age, this Sydney local has performed around the country in shows, festivals and television with acts like Bananas In Pyjamas, The Wiggles, Carols In The Domain, All Saints and the movie Happy Feet. But it wasn't until mid high school that he found his passion for singing and songwriting. Since then he's being honing his skills writing pop songs and whatever comes to mind.

Immersing himself in the music of the time was crucial to getting his unique blend of 60's and modern pop. "It's amazing to me how much of today's music is taken from this decade in history. I always knew we took a lot form the 60's, but WOW it's so much more than I thought. It's like that saying all that's old is new again".

Drawing from life experience was crucial to getting a few songs together like My Beautiful Girl that talks about the first time a girl says "I love you" and you don't really know what to do or Tell Me Your Name where you're out in a club or something and you see this beautiful woman and all you wanna do is talk to her and get her name and number etc. And then there's the bonus track Lonely, Lonely, Lonely quite different from the rest of the album which shows Matty's Depth, and talks about the longing for a partner that people can go through today and how you can feel so alone in a world that's now meant to be so connected.

Moonbeam Child puts together some of the best musicians in the country and combine that with the catchy feel good tunes Matty's written and you've got one great album. An album of yesterday for today!

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