When one first hears the band Cure for Caska, they can’t help but take notice that there is something different. The unique blend of instruments such as drums and guitar mixed with cello and violin offer a listener a different palette of sound. You will find that the vocals are well supported by the melodic foundation of strings. Some of their songs show a very acoustic and orchestral side, while other songs show an electric rock side. This acoustic band with an edge shows that you can still rock even without a bass player.

After playing some of the best venues in the city of Orlando, Cure for Caska has branched out to other cities such as Jacksonville, Tampa, Melbourne, and Lakeland to continue building their fan base. The next goal on their list is becoming an opening band at the House of Blues. With the Anti-Pop music festival under their belt, and a recent write up in the Florida Today, they are working hard to get their name out.
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