The Father of Broadband Rock.
Writing across different genres within rock makes it difficult to categorise your song. Solution? Invent your own genre: BROADBAND ROCK.

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Quirky. Yep, that's the only way to describe us. We like different types of music and we play different types too. My wife said one day, "I love your songs because they are all so different". But all the advice I read about the music biz said this kind of diversity is commercial suicide. So, I have to thank my wife for the title of the album.
When it came to musical genre, another problem. I thought some of our songs were R & B, which they probably were,
20 years ago. I hate the term "Indie Rock" - what the hell does that mean? We like rock and all kinds of artists - The Stones, Sex Pistols, Simon & Garfunkel, Beethoven (not the Hollywood dog), Madonna, Marillion, Johnny Thunders, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Johnny Cash, Divine and Rodgers and Hammerstein.
We want to write good tunes, have fun and entertain people - Broadband Rock sounds like a good name for this genre.
We are called Martin Rocks and Crikey for two reasons. Our London-based band was called Crikey, but now we have gone our separate ways; and I recently entered a competition (which I won with "I'm Gonna Vomit!") and I had 10 minutes to come up with a new name as a solo artist.
Tip to all musicians: before you choose your stage name make sure the web address is available.
The website is because was already taken by a construction company in the States. Please remember the hyphen!
At the moment, I'm writing new songs and looking for a new band. "It Must Be Love" my most recent recording. I've been promising my wife for years that I'd write her a love song and I finally finished it in time to be an anniversary present.
Every September, I start marketing our Christmas song "Crikey! It's Christmas". Generally we have two obstacles: Americans have no idea what "Crikey" means (send me an email via the website if you want to find out)
and nobody can compete against Band Aid.
Hope you enjoy our music and if you would like a personally dedicated inlay card, send me your name and contact details and I'll be happy to send you one.

All the best

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