High Quality Custom Backing Track - Mix & Master Too!

Jamsz (Washington, United States)
Posted February 2, 2017
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I offer a very straightforward process for providing Original Exclusive Broadcast Quality Background Music that Creates Attitude, Character, and Substance for your songs to help them become fully developed exactly the way you want them. Not in my town? That's OK. I collaborate with you remotely via the internet.

Real Acoustic/Electric Guitar † Bass † Drums † Piano † Keys † Synthesizer † Banjo † Mandolin † Strings † Backup Vocals † Custom Beats † Virtual Instruments † Sound Effects.

Indie Rock • Alt-Rock • Hard Rock • Pop Rock • Blues Rock • Country Rock • Punk Rock • Pop • Classical Crossover • Blues (sub-genres) • Country (sub-genres) • Folk (sub-genres) • Hip-Hop • Rap • Jazz •

First I record the basic tracks. Once all the parts have been recorded, I send you an Mp3 for review.

After any changes are made then another mix will be sent out again for your analysis.

Upon approval of the mix the last step for the recording is mastering.

Mastering will give your songs the luster and merit to make it sound like a completed master recording.

Upon completion your recording will be ready with the proper wav files sent to you via the internet.

There are millions of sites and companies trying to sell their music online, many of which are pre-recorded out of the box samples and loops that are not authentic and created with real instruments by a genuine musician. Finding one you can count on and build a relationship with for the long term is a difficult task. Here are some reasons why you have made the best decision to use me as your collaborative partner in music. The Code: Nothing but the highest standards are accepted.

Before any music project is ever considered completed, it's meticulously ensured that it conforms to all agreed standards. Customer Support is above and beyond! It's a "no brainer" You're only working with me, and I only accept the best for you!


With a solid background in Music performance, creation, arrangement, recording, and producing, I have the luxury of creating and providing custom music for visual media creators world wide. I collaborate with, create, and ghostwrite the highest quality custom background music for independent singers, songwriters, musicians, bands, composers, and producers.I'm blessed to be a multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, composer, and producer living in the Pacific Northwest USA.
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