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Douglas Branson aka dB+1 (Connecticut, United States)
Posted April 13, 2017
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Coolifying your photos, Designing CD covers, Band Banners for the web, Graphic Icons for singles on sound cloud. Video editing, photography, photoshop


Thank you for listening to the "Quirky and Slightly Askew" music of Douglas Branson aka dB+1 (dBplus1). He gives a lot of credit to his co-writers, musician friends, and producers who continue to help shape his musical vision. Content: Rock Anthems and Songs, Tracks, Pieces, In The Worx, Ditties and Demos.

Don't Leave Home Without One CD/soundtrack for the film "Have You Seen TAN" - a blend of Rock with Classic, Hard, Pop, Punk, and Low Fi Indie. Songs and other music are also available to performing artists and their management; 4 film, video, and multimedia.

New singles and CD in the worx for 2017 - stay tuned.

"There's nothing like performing a song you have written to give you goosebumps and let you feel alive; one with the universe. Really gratifying when the audience goes wild over hearing it for the 1st time; you hear feedback that it really touched someone in an emotional way, conjured up memories; put "it" into words and music."
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