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Mike Nielsen (Tennessee, United States)
Posted August 10, 2017
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I take the finished track(s) from your studio session and make them come alive better than the studio tracks you already have. I do Mastering, Duplication, Compilation & restorations. If you have songs from another source you would like to compile to a finished C.D. I can give them better sound quality than the original audio.


I have worked with my own music from Professional tracks I had recorded of my own songs. I have worked with a band and mastered the audio from live performances I have performed at. I can give you a quick turn around as fast 48 hours. I can mail you back a physical C.D. or E-mail it back as an MP3. I first take your track(s) and master and remix the E.Q. in the tracks and give you an encrypted short version of the song for your approval. The first sample is at no charge. If satisfied, we work out a financial arrangement we both can agree to. If duplications are needed, That price can also be worked into the deal. At this time I am setting up a PayPal contract, so payments will be easy and fast.
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