Mandi Perkins is a real and emotional singer/songwriter whose music can best be described as uncompromising melodic rock. Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Mandi grew up surrounded by music and she began writing songs and performing on stage when she was just a small child. It was at this time in her life that Mandi also became fascinated by musical theatre and she performed in a variety of plays including: Annie, Les Miserables, and The Wizard of Oz. At the age of sixteen, she was chosen to perform the National Anthem at the Skydome in Toronto. One year later, Mandi placed first in a nationwide singing competition.

Mandi’s ambitions inspired a move to California to pursue both her music career and to obtain a university degree. She attended UC Berkeley where she graduated with honors in English Literature. Her extensive studies enabled her to improve her songwriting skills. Mandi focused on words in many different contexts and she saw how each separate grouping of letters shaped the communications of the world. She began applying this knowledge to her lyrics in order to honestly express her thoughts.

Immediately following graduation, Mandi made a move to Los Angeles in order to fully dedicate herself to music. Mandi consistently delights packed audiences with her enthusiastic performances and her captivating voice. Mandi describes her music as being, "intense and melodic... the vocals and lyrics are rich with intensity and they float on passionate guitar textures and vibrant pulsating drums." Each of Mandi’s songs stems from her own personal experiences and the lives of the people close to her. One of the most noticeable aspects of Mandi’s music is that there is deep emotion combined with hauntingly edgy musical sequences and harmonies. "I write songs from my stomach," she says. "I will take an event that has happened to me immediately following its conclusion and I will stretch it out until it’s at the rawest form. Once I have the emotion explode on paper, I am much more at ease. Songwriting is cathartic for me. I think it’s great to passionately feel, but there is a point when you should make sure you have an outlet, especially when the excess baggage takes control of your life. Hopefully listening to my music will be cathartic for other people."

Mandi has sold over 5,000 CD’s and digital downloads for her CD “Broken Window” and the lead single “Why” is receiving airplay across the country. Mandi has also toured the West Coast and has played at many distinguished L.A. clubs such as the Mint, The Hard Rock Café, The Viper Room, The Hotel Café, and the Roxy on Sunset, where she has opened for acts such as Elektra Recording Artist Alana Davis, Geffen Recording Artist Ringside, and Island Def Jam Recording Artist Samantha Ronson. Mandi has also showcased at music conferences such as NARM and SXSW and is endorsed by A&R WorldWide a leading independent A&R company. Additionally, Mandi has written and sung songs for Machine Head Production Studios.

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