i am a 13 year old boy trying to do something in the music world! since its a hard world i would appreciate being added to your favorite artist list and reviewed well if you like my stuff. i am inspired by the chili peppers stone temple pilots lenny kravitz john frusciante and Zucchero big time. and yes that is italian in the song im half italian and speak read and write (plus sing) in italian.

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hey readers,
i would like to talk about global warming. As you know global warming is a crisis right now and even though everyone knows about it, no one really cares. tempatures and co2 levels have risen and the hottest 10 years have been in the past 14 years. since you are all musically related tempatures have risen to what would b on a recording or music program an overload volume. see what you can do to mae your carbon footprint less.

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This is what i think about making it in the music business. The first few years, as you play and listen to music according to who inspires you you should develop a style. Before someones style is developed it is impossible to judge someone's music. But after ones style is developed then comes the personal question (personal because it is a matter of opinion) is it good, or do i like it. Long Story short i think that someones music can not be judged before a couple of years after his/her/their style has developed giving it time to combine with the vision and talent that we all have a little in us.


Luca was born in Los Angeles California in 1993.The chili peppers lenny kravit john frusciante and zucchero. He has always had a special attraction to music expecially rock and drumming circles. even at 5 years old he would join drumming circes with a handrum and have the time of his life.inspired by Drummer (a friend) he kept on drumming til it lead him to rock music.Luca Has just purchased some equipment that has enabled him to record and this is likle a sport to him.

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