Low Rise writes hooky, guitar-driven pop songs fueled by emotional authenticity. The kind of songs you wish you heard on alternative radio in between Coldplay and Weezer. Within Low Rise songs are opposing elements that have every reason to clash, but somehow don't. If a glammed-out 70's Ziggy Stardust guitar riff happens to work itself into the same song as a breakbeat loop, so be it. "And if we feel like going all Badfinger on the harmonies, we can do that too," James adds. Seeing Low Rise live, the first thing you're struck by is James' layered, cinematic voice, charged with desire to engage the audience. Jason's voice joins his brother's in expansive harmonies, and Ian's guitar pulls and pushes unpredictable counter melodies along the way. Colin's bass lines sound like Paul McCartney remixed by the Chemical Brothers and weave melodically around John's driving no-waste rhythms.

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