LowBuz is a hard rock band from Northern New Jersey. The band writes hard rock with heavy guitars and catchy vocals your sure to love and sing along to. Check the band out and see for yourself, one listen is never enough...

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"Jeff and LowBuz have it going on!"- Dan lorenzo, Steppin out 4/03.

"Believe me, on this one...No sugar coating here! This LowBuz is the best commercial hard rock band that I've heard come out of this area in awhile. Yes, I'm high on these guys!"- Tim Louie, East Cost Rocker 6/3/03

"LOWBUZ has a solid, righteous appeal with a strong vocalist which is needed in any good rock band. An EP that ranges from heavy, moody to melodic and powerful. Worth a few minutes of your time."
by: Stephanie Stevens -EastCoastRomper.com 7/03


We find ourselves influenced by all music. Some of the bands favorites include, but are not limited to: Tool, Kiss, Korn, Incubus, Alice In Chains, Elvis, Elton John, just to name a few.


"Ask any member of this band that question and you might get four completely different answers", states lead singer Jeff Dixon, "I think of it as therapy. An introspective soundtrack to everyday life. When you're down at the bottom, frustration and anger take over. But there is always hope for a better tomorrow. These are the kinds of emotions we want to convey in our music and lyrics."

Forged from the ashes of other local New Jersey bands, guitarist Mike Koenig and drummer L.J. Gravine first began to write songs in early 2001. Dave Neabore, bassist from such noteable bands as Dog Eat Dog and Mucky Pup, soon came on board to strengthen and polish their ideas. All they needed now was a vocalist. After months of failed auditions and false starts, the trio stumbled upon an unknown, unproven, and somewhat reluctant singer in Jeff Dixon. With his powerful voice, dark lyrics and infectious choruses, the puzzle was finally complete, and LowBuz was born.

The band immediately took to the studio and completed their debut self-titled EP. With music ranging from heavy and loud, to moody and melodic, LowBuz has a unique sound all it's own.

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