Alt-Folk Rock with diverse roots in blues, soul, classical and funk. Led by Singer/Guitarist/Songwriter Joshua Komorowski, the band takes a variety of shapes, from solo performance to full band.

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“Love Syndicate has a passion I have rarely, if ever, observed in a band. The rarest combinations: talent, poetic verse, and a truly unique sound that is far from doing the word 'distinctive' justice.”
Jeff Coulter (Independent Producer, Ruff House Records)

“Komorowski’s warm lyricism comes dressed down in a seriously funky groove that testifies. . largely due to the rhythm section of Luxton and Wolter, who play off each other obsessively. . . while Ryan’s cello adds depth to Komorowski’s earnest compositions.”
Marjorie Preston (Philadelphia Weekly)

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One of Love Syndicate’s own lyrics best captures why this Philadelphia based band is gaining notice in the world of music:

“When you’re in dire need for something real.”

Love Syndicate has been baring its soul all along the East Coast since the band’s inception in the fall of 1998. The funk-inspired rhythms, mournful string arrangements and honest lyrics are a true break from the pop norm -- a challenge from Love Syndicate to music itself to embrace passion in every note, in every verse.

They have shared the stage with many national acts, such as Crosby Stills and Nash, Busta Rhymes, and Mike Clark’s Prescription Renewal, featuring Fred Wesley of the legendary JB’s. In every setting, Love Syndicate has been continually growing a dedicated fan base.

For guitarist and singer Joshua Komorowski, writing and performing music is not a whim, but a personal commitment. Love Syndicate is the realization of his signature sound; they play what he envisions. His presence, talent and poetic sensibility form the core of the band's broad appeal. Whether a solo performance or a legion of players, Love Syndicate never fails to captivate the audience.

Love Syndicate’s 1999 demo release Compositions sold over 5000 copies. It received air play on numerous radio stations along the east coast, not to mention being a permanent fixture in many CD players. The group has just released their first independent studio album, Songs of Innocence and Experience. Recorded at Studio 4, m

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