LOVECRAFT is the bittersweet and melodic low fi/indie music of Pacific Northwest songwriter/producer Michael Soiseth.

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My new CD entitled, 'Lauridsen' is now available on

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The following quotes are from the new SUTROBATH release, AQUATICA.:

"a swirling, layered concoction of lush modern rock.”
"Sonic Cinematography "
“Masterwork!” ASTRO ZOMBIE
“One of the most enjoyable ‘power pop’ albums I’ve heard.”
"Moments of Genuis"
other reviews available at request.

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Somewhere in the fog shrouded Pacific Northwest, a few miles to the west of recording artists Modest Mouse, south of the home of Death Cab for Cutie and east of Sleater-Keaneys haunts lies the home of singer/songwriter Michael Soiseth.

Raised by a jazz musician and teacher, Michael picked up the bass guitar at age 13 and never looked back. After High School he toured N.California and Oregon as a bass player in several successful regional bands, cutting several CDs and featuring much airplay.

In 1998 he contacted his school chum, drummer Robert Wollam, to form the recording group SUTROBATH, releasing two CDs to date, with Michael acting as the chief architect, composer, singer and songwriter. Sutrobaths music has been selected for inclusion in over 500,000 'Best Of' CD pressings. The latest CD, ‘Aquatica’ was selected as one of the top 12 indie releases by the international publication ‘Performing Songwriter Magazine.' Currently the CD is under contract with a UK indie label (Jello Records) and is being shopped to major labels such as Sony and Virgin.

LOVECRAFT is Michaels latest solo creation, a collection of 12 low fi bittersweet alt country/rock songs in the tradition of Elliot Smith and the Beatles. Michael currently is planning a tour of the Pacific Northwest in the spring of 2008 and is recording the follow up LOVECRAFT release with fellow singer/songwriter/international poet Sean Macfalls due for release in spring 2008.

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