I'm just a downhome country girl that grew up singing Country and Gospel music in my family quartet. I learned to harmonise to a dime droppin' on a table at an early age. I sang different parts (even a good ol' base run now and again) and lived ate and breathed to sing. That's what happens to kids when parents refused to allow T.V.
In hindsight I realise what a blessing our family enjoyed!!! The rest came later in years when I began a duo with an incredible singer and we soon grew into a 6 piece Alternative Folk Rock band. Two years later, my love for Country music got the best of me and we began to rock the joints with a few fast and furious Two Steps.

I have since been concentrating on my writing and find that it is one strongest passions. It's not even about the money, I just dream of the day when I can say " hey, their playin' my tune!!!!) I bet that all of you writers know exactly what I mean. Best of luck to ALL OF US !!!!!!! Lora
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