2009 is going to be a memorable year for us all. I will finish the new album "Guns & Gold", and it will be available for download. The video for the song itself, "Guns & Gold' is posted on Youtube. I have not paid proper attention to the website lately, but this has changed, and rest assured, I appreciate you being here. XOXOX Lonesome Mark

lonesome Doug

Lonesome Doug is back from panning for gold in New Guinea. He contracted Malaria down there, and married, then divorced a chieftan's daughter. We are glad hes back!!

lonesome drifters

The 'Lonesome Drifters" are as much a concept as a performing band. The material heard on Broadjam was composed, performed, recorded, engineered and mixed by one person- Mark Bendickson.The songs are recorded from scratch, using real drums, real acoustic instruments, real mics, real 24-track mixing board, etc.The objective is to create beautiful and/or powerful music. If it moves you I have succeeded. We are not big on self-promotion. That is something to which I am philosophyically opposed. I am currently working on the next album, and getting this hosting site organized. Thanks for stopping by!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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