Lee "Limey" Allibone is a, English-born songwriter who now resides in the Northeastern United States. Limey has been writing for over 22 years, and lists writing as one of the true passions in his life. He intends to use this service to obtain constructive review and critique from hie peers. The music he posts is not quite studio standard (Limey's primary interest is Lyrics), but he aims to improve his recording technique with each song.

Working from his 48 track home studio, Limey currently has a portfolio of around 460 songs written, with about 10% being in some way, underway towards a completed Demo track. (This number increases almost on a daily basis.)

If you should happen to be a band / composer who may be interested in collaborating, please contact Lee at his email address: LIMEYOKE@GMAIL.COM

Be well, and please enjoy Limey's pages here on BROADJAM.COM


REMEMBER..: "All You Need Is Love" John Lennon...

Thanks For Stopping By

Hi, all..
Just want to say thanks a bunch for dropping in. I really appreciate your input/critique and analysis of my work. I am mainly interested in the songwriting part of the craft, though I am consistently striving to improve my recording skills aswell.

If you are a band, or singer who may be interested in collaboration, please drop me an email at;

Let me know your idea for the song(s), if you have music let me hear it and what the theme should be and I'll get to work..

Thanks again, and Iook forward to hearing from you soon.

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