Location: West Virgina
Formed: 1998
Who: Ian Leary / Vocals
Mark Hayhurst / Percussion
Jim Pierce / Bass
Eric Seevers / Guitar

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Caveman Chronicles Review LIECUS – “What Have They Come For” – Indie Release This is some of the most blistering hardcore with chunks of Metal floating on top and a thick, fermented sheen of driving Death Metal musicianship I think I have ever heard in my life! Oh, and that’s just the first track I was talking about because I don’t, after years of writing, have enough musical definitions to describe this band’s music.

With no less than four major time signature changes per song, you’re quick to run out of good adjectives. All I can say is, any musician ready to experience absolute flawless mastery of their chosen instrument needs to purchase this album and study the hell out of it. I don’t care if you listen to Metal / Hardcore / Death Metal / Jazz / Fusion or whatever…you have to hear these guys! Each member, averaging in their early twenties, is a professor in their musical field of choice! I’m not fucking kidding here! These damn kids are phenoms, man!

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It was the year 1995, two high school friends Ian Leary and Eric Seevers, who shared an equal passion for music decided to take matters into their own hands and create LOADED. After three years of gigging and networking with limited success, in 1997 percussionist Mark hayhurst pulled out wanting to further his Education at Marshall University, two hours from home. Loaded was no more. Not to let anything deny their determination, Eric and Ian knew this wasn’t the end, but just another beginning. After a year of resolve LIECUS was formed in September of 1998, with Ian and Eric assuming their accustomed roles in the group. Adding Bassist- J.T. Jones and Percussionist- Dan Cole. ; LIECUS quickly drew the loyalty of many supporters. In November of 2000 the band knew it was time to take things a step further. LIECUS began recording their debut full-length album “What Have They Come For”. With the departure of Jones and Cole in March of 2003. LIECUS quickly rebounded, by reforming with longtime friend and (Loaded) Percussionist- Mark Hayhurst and Bassist- Jim Pierce (formally of Blind Tempest)After extensive sessions honing the new found talents that would become what is LIECUS today, the group found the time to get back to the studio and put together the most solid recording LIECUS has produced yet. “Hypocrite” in April of 2004.Fusing all influences into a solid mass of power and energy, this is the new LIECUS; overcoming adversity while maintaining a focus on what is real.

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