Leo Badinella is a young composer, producer, performer with the ability to reach through his music and touch the fiber inside each one of us. His exposure to music started early in his life, he learned to read and write music when he was 6 years old, and started piano lessons when he was 7, but it wasn't until he picked up the guitar that his affair with music became serious, Stylistically diverse and very interested in the emotional content of Music he keeps himself immersed in a variety of musical projects. He has worked and done the music for a variety of international TV commercials, worked as a producer in several projects for different artists, and worked as a session guitar player in numerous occasions, both live or in the studio.
His compositional craft can be heard in his solo project, in his work as a guitar player for the band M.P.D. and lately in the computer game "The Nameless Mod".
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