Leni Stern is an up-to-date singer, guitarist, label owner, author, composer, orchestrator, social advocate, martial artist (she holds three belts in the Southern Shaolin discipline of Hung-Ga), cancer survivor and proud New York City resident. The list goes on and on.

During her stellar 19-year, 14-album recording career, Gibson has chosen her as the Female Guitarist of the Year five consecutive times. She originally made a name for herself in jazz circles (her first nine albums were instrumental,) then crossed her talents over into the singer-songwriter realm, garnering consistent praise in the process. Her music incorporates "intelligent lyrics and beautifully drawn vignettes" (Washington Post), "crystalline, jazz-meets-blues guitar lines" (Guitar Player), and "thoughtful structure, evocative moods, attention to groove" (San Francisco Bay Guardian).

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Leni Stern is perpetual motion. When she's not wearing one of her many professional hats (singer, guitarist, author, composer), she is wearing one or more of the other many hats that make her who she is: social advocate, martial artist, cancer survivor, proud New York City resident...the list goes on and on. An unassuming and humble role model she certainly is, given her stellar 20-year, 13-album recording career. Gibson has chosen her as the Female Guitarist of the Year five consecutive times.

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Heard about you from Amyt Datta..Must say your songs are great inspiration..

over 30 days ago to Leni Stern

hi leni, hope you make me a connection. if you ever want any production or pro mastering just let me know. i do very good deals for broadjam members. i have done work for over 50 broadjam members in the past 8 months, so if i can help you i will gladly.
thanks dave-str.productions

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