While Illinois may not be the top state to sprout top rock acts, it is the home to 3 young men who have decided to take it upon themselves to show the world that they are anything but farm boys! They are from the small Western city of Geneseo. Led By Last blends a tasteful combination of speedy pop punk, edgy rock, and catchy melody lines to create a unique sound that is sure to get any crowd moving! Stationed in a primarily hardcore music scene, the guys have had to work hard to help regain and rebuild the pop punk scene. Since the early days of Led By Last (1999), they have managed to play countless shows, including opening for Drive-Thru Records bands Allister and Hidden in Plain View, and Fueled By Ramen/Island Fall Out Boy. While being influenced by so many great bands, they feel it necessary to stay original. To gain the full experience, you have to see their live show. Led By Last doesn’t compromise anything when it comes to giving it their all in front of their crowds..
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