As a young child, Krylyn and her best friend put on talent shows for their families, writing songs, mini-plays, and other interesting skits to showcase their creativity (and to earn a little extra spending money).

Krylyn started playing the flute at age nine. She studied the instrument for nine years in school, during which time she performed in marching and symphonic bands and duos and trios with other flutists. Krylyn was the piccolo soloist in a national award winning performance in Washington D.C., and she has received numerous awards in state competitions.

At age 13, she was inspired to stray from her classical training and began introducing poetry into her music, with piano and keyboard accompaniment. That was the beginning of her songwriting journey. A means of expressing her feelings, songwriting quickly became her "drug of choice," a way to channel her teenage angst in a safe and effective way.

To date, she has written over 200 songs, ranging in style from classical to alternative. She has recorded 8 demos. During 1997-1998, she performed in the Phoenix, Arizona, coffeehouse scene with an acoustic guitar player.

Academically, Krylyn was drawn to psychology. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Northern Arizona University in 1991 and her Master of Counseling from the University of Phoenix in 2001. She has worked in a crisis shelter for youth ages 9-17, two outpatient mental health clinics with adult and child clients diagnosed with mood, anxiety, and personality disorders, and an elementary school. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) through the Arizona Board of Behavioral Health Examiners and Reality Therapy Certified (RTC) through the William Glasser Institute. Determined to combine her passions for music and counseling, she developed the Tuneagers Songwriting Therapy program, which she piloted in a boys' group home. She has presented her pilot findings and an overview of the Tuneagers program to local, state, and national audiences.

Still she finds her way back to songwriting as a way to make sense of life and connect with others. Her most recent songs focus on messages she tells to her clients as well as messages her clients tell her.

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