January 20 2009 saw its first and early stages of Kozmik Giant. With founding members of, John Parnell, (Drums) , Jamie Tyler, (Vocals, Guitars), and Zackary Jay, (Lead Guitar), Kozmik Giant was formed and immeidately began producing originals jams. An aggressive attitude with lyrics and a violent style of music, KG gets inside your head and stays there. After writing 15 songs, the band had realized it needed a bassist and Joshua Scott, 18 years old, was the new addition. After a month break, KG rehearsed once again. This time to prepare for the 2010 summer. Bringing new ideas to the table, the band had agreed that it needed a rhythm guitarist. On October 13th 2009, Kozmik Giant named Ray Berna as the new rhythm guitarist. A few months later in December of 2009, differences in styles of play led to Berna's departure. A recent split with another local band rose ideas of shiftng people around in the band. In January 2010, KG moved John Parnell to bass and added local band's, Shadowrun, drummer Danny Rueden. Without problem, Joshua Scott decided to become the band's temporary manager. Kozmik Giant currently has a 16 song demo cd available. For a free copy of the demo, contact the band at 920-265-3194 or email them at .. You can also downlaod the cd for free at

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