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KOLLIZION records as a live band,while drummer Frankie"2 loops" plays to our extra-terrestrial sequencer sounds,
samples & loops. Our live show's will be preformed in much the same manner. It's quite a trick but fun none the less...The year 2002 will find KOLLIZION releasing their self produced, self distributed, self organized, self titled "EP". (Due to so many "selfs" we couldn't afford a full length CD). You can also look for the band to be playing in the NY as well as the tri-state area's. TO SEE & HEAR MORE GO TO WWW. KOLLIZION.COM

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we've been told that we sound like no else on earth but we sound like all your favorite bands... that seems to be the best compliment we've ever been given,,,


Anything from noise to classical,,,


Formed by X-COLLISION members Nik C.on guitars & vocals & G free on bass & lyrical bliss, KOLLIZION has come together as a completely new band. Joining as 1st new member Frankie "2loops" Cruz on drums giving us the killer groove. Next came Jesus "Hey Zeus" Martines of ZENEN to help command the el o tronics & such stuff.Our newest member is Danny Bb. for an extra added guitar & volcal kick. KOLLIZION's new sound is to be experienced & witnessed for full impact upon the senses!

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