"Imagine a Southern Tom Waits or a rural Leonard Cohen. That's as close as we can come to a nut-shell description of the music of Kodac Harrison, a genuinely gifted artist and one of the southeast's musical treasures."
Creative Loafing, Savannah, Ga., 3/3/98

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"Kodac Harrison is clearly a multi-talented artist who effectively works in a variety of genres and guises."
Hal Horowitz, Atlanta Press, 11/14/99

"Kodac Harrisons Songtexte sind Literatur, sind Gedichte."
"Kodac Harrison's lyrics are literature, are poetry."
Udo Hinz, Goettinger Tageblatt, Germany 10/26/00

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Kodac Harrison grew up slowly in Jackson, Ga. where he lived in the same house for the first 18 years of his life. Since then, Kodac has lived in New Orleans, Texas, California, New York City, and high upon a ridge in West Virginia. His home now is in Atlanta where he has fronted several bands and made 9 recordings for two different record labels. Harrison, whose roots are in Blues and Southern Soul, calls his music "Beatnik Blues," because of the poetic nature of his lyrics. As an acoustic guitarist, he uses a wide variety of tones. The songs he writes are as distinctive as his baritone voice. Kodac is influenced by many authors and songwriters, but occasionally he has to have a fix of Howling Wolf or Otis Redding. Harrison performs solo, as a spoken word artist, and with a band that varies from 3 to 10 pieces. He's written songs for two movies; "Dead Aim," and "Mace," and appeared on film as a spoken word artist in the indepently produced, "Prayers From The Phoenix City." With the coming of 2000, Kodac has become more envolved with Slam Poetry and competed in the SE Regional Poetry Slam as the top scorer on the Athens, Ga. team. He also made his 3rd tour of Europe performing in Germany and The Netherlands.

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