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KO – Kevin O’Connor – is a seasoned and introspective guitar and vocal artist who has been performing and recording his original music in the New York area for 25 years. As a creative child he performed standup comedy and was a school radio music and comedy DJ in his teens. By 1977 he was performing his originals at live venues in New York and New Jersey and recording in studios on the east and west coasts.

After a stint from 1977 through 1980 when KO lead the prolific 4-piece electric rock band Strange Enough performing both Top 40 and original compositions in several New Jersey Clubs, his own unique sound found its niche. He recorded an all-original EP called East Coast-West Coast in Los Angeles with producer Daniel Riccadelli in 1981. The following year he returned to Mix-O-Lydian to record EP No Time for Sunday, all KO originals produced with George Barker. KO went on to produce two more singles at Mix-O Lydian in 1984, Radio and Trying for You.

His next project, KO Electric, was a searing four-piece band that toured and rocked KO’s original music all over New Jersey from 1985-1990, including the famed Stone Pony in Asbury Park where they opened for Meatloaf in 1990.

Throughout the 1990s, while raising two sons (both now guitarists writing their own stuff), KO balanced music with his successful career as an entrepreneur specializing in optical fiber applications, commercial electrical contracting, structured cabling systems, sound masking and other acoustical, data, video, and sophisticated information technologies.

By 2000 KO had re-wired and retrofitted his own “working man’s” musical career. His melodic guitar style re-emerged along with his sincere, “thinking man’s” vocals to place him in front of the leading solo talent. KO literally came out from under his rock at a five-group show near Woodstock, New York, deep inside the colossal Widow Jane’s Cave. (Yes, a cavernous underground venue with 200 in attendance.) His current, repertoire, including War of the World, Sweet Latin Lady, Flyin, Dream Deep, Indian Lake, The Chain of Love, Miles of Highway, Seduced Again, A Simple Prayer, Funky Blue Tattoo, Waneeshee, Dharmic Dancer, Back Home Again, I am Music, Rhinebeck Fever, are but a few of his prolific song list of new recordings. Many will be on the nearly complete full CD “175 Cherry Lane.”

KO is traveling a musical life journey. People want to hear him because his original works speak of the relationship of nature, man and woman, and the geography of the soul. He combines driving melodies and strong, uninhibited vocals with sweet, textured chords and delicate harmonics in a piano e forte mix that travels through time and space to lend depth to his passionate stage presence.

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