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The Number One Unsigned Band in America is...KLIK! Rolling Stone Magazine called for the vote, and the results have proven what fans dating back from 2001 already knew...this dynamic duo is set on flooring the world with their talents and taking over the music industry. Ever since Stephanie Monty (vocals) and Chrissy Paolillo (guitars/keys/backing vocals) of KLIK got together in Tampa, FL, they have been working their way up to success with their pop/rock alternative style. The band is fronted by the supercharged duo that rules the stage and captures an audience like no other. Their presence is so strong that they've taken to creating a culture around themselves and their music, so much so, that they are even 100% endorsed by major products and companies like PRS, Hartke, Samson, Zoom, Manic Panic, Lightwave, and N-tune. Take one look at the girls of KLIK and you can already tell that they are emotional, textured, and not at all afraid to rock. Their live show is full of raw energy and the female-fronted group is joined onstage with three equally charged men on drums, bass, and guitar. KLIK's sound is akin to an original blend of Smashing Pumpkins meets Alanis Morissette, or to even pushing boundaries on modernized Black Sabbath-like riffs with Breeders/Tori Amos pop-oriented melodies. KLIK has shared the stage with many national and underground acts, including Evanescence, The Fray, Dark New Day, Collective Soul, Breaking Benjamin, and more. American Girls is KLIK's latest release, due in early 2009. The ten-song album was produced by platinum producer, Sylvia Massy (Tool, Johnny Cash, Prince, System of a Down). "'Eyeliner' is a hit, period!" said Massy at the wrap of the recording session of "Eyeliner," one of the more straight-ahead pop KLIK tracks from the album. The album is filled with other unforgettable hooks and melodic, yet enjoyably aggressive songs that divulge relatable stories about love, hate, strife, and fun... a glimpse into the lives of two "American Girls." For more information and to listen to tracks from KLIK's exciting new album, American Girls, visit www.myspace.com/klik.

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