Cats have stories to tell, but, lacking independent digits, they have difficulty playing the piano (or any other musical instrument). So..they have put their trust in Stuart Hammond Paul to tell their stories for them (musically).

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Cynthia de Santis and her L.A. based all girl group (KITTEN FREAKY) sent me this song (DEVIL CAT). I spruced it up a bit..added a bass player and it was like being 16 again. -STUART

CLIVE TRACY F.D. is a movie in your HEAD. Some would call it a "Radio Play." It's a 12 minute musical short story about a cat who has mysteriously "LOST" his balls. If you like "PRAIRIE HOME COMPANION" .. you'll LOVE .. CLIVE TRACY F.D.

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It is true that cats have a difficult time when they attempt to play the piano (or any other musical instrument) with their paws. That is why they communicate secretly with very rare and special humans who can play the piano AND understand and properly interpet their point of view to the human world. This website is their first foray into the internet. Through the talents of Stuart Hammond Paul, they seek to tell their stories and share their feelings with the general human population. Long they have been misunderstood by some. For ages they have been admired by the more sensitive. A common myth (perpetrated by cartoons) is that cats and dogs do not get along. Not true! When raised together (or properly introduced) they can and do get along famously, many developing dear and long lasting relationships. Cats, by nature, demure. But still, deep within their hearts, they seek to connect. They have chosen Stuart Hammond Paul as their ambassador to the world of humans. Those who wish to become more intimate with their world need only to download a song or two. DEVIL CAT by Cynthia deSantis and the L.A. based all girl band KITTEN FREAKY.

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Stuart Hammond Paul: 09/23/1950----O4/29/2010 RIP Dear Stuart

We will miss you forever, from your family --- Stevie, & the kids....Ian, Erika, and every cat connected to us, including that first one, "Boris Monster Kitty Mouse"...gotten on my 16th birthday way back in 1966 in Yorba Linda, CA. Thanks for bringing kitties into our lives, and all your love too. (Stephanie Paul) If anyone reads this and needs to know more, please contact me at ---I met Stuart at when we were 13 in Yorba Linda, CA. We then attended high school in Placentia, CA. We drifted apart but got together again following my divorce, and Stuart and I ended up marrying in the 70's.

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