Marc Etienne Bourelly, a Chicago born fellow's original ideas can be traced to his eye and spirit opening life experiences.
He is well traveled and educated. He moved from Chicago to Mannheim Germany, then relocated to Denver Colorado, the back to Chicago.
He then entered Carleton college at Northfield, Minnesota where he studied English, Music, and Anthropology.
He has attended Chicago's Loop College, the University of Paris, the University of Dakar, Senegal, and the University of the Ivory Coast at Abidjan.
His lineage is a Corsican/ Haitian father and an American Mother.
Marc is also an award winning music composer, producer, and instrumentalist.
Currently he is the Vice President of Operations with Kiowa Records & Filmworks at Los Angeles, California.

Marc has authored, or co-authored five other screen plays, one of which has been of late been optioned.

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Good day all;

I have just completed 30
new compositions that are ready to go over to an upgrade digital studio that I have ties with here
at Los Angeles.
As seems to be the case,
money, or the lack of same, blocks artistic achement.
We have, here at Kiowa Records & Filmworks, 6 completed screenplays that are being shopped.
We can be reached at:


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