Reggae from Costa Rica.

Kingolovers was born between July and August 2007. The band was originally named Bamaselo, which had a long standing career in Costa Rica's reggae scene and was just about to release their first album. Life's many turns left us without a lead vocalist.

Stranded, without a singer and starting from scratch musically, we decided as a team to bring then backing vocals Kumary Sawyers to the front of the stage as our lead vocals. Our philosophy was & always be: One... Together we are one against the odds.

This philosopy has carried us through tough situations, even being kidnapped in Guatemala prior to a concert in which we still performed, spreading a message to free your soul from the routine, and fight for oneness and unity.

Kingolovers are known for being hard workers, and in conjunction with our unity, this has set us apart from other acts in our region. With our brief time as Kingolovers, we have been invited as the opening act for such artists as Steel Pulse, Julian Marley and as the backing band for several international artists such as Johnny Dread and Pablo Molina.

The music website has listed us as one of the top Reggae bands in their site and our songs have been played in local reggae radio shows as well as in other countries in Central America, such as El Salvador and Guatemala.

For the future, Kingolovers plans to extend their message to other countries by way of our soon to come CD. With a oneness and liberation message on our minds, the goal is to reach international levels in the upcoming year, with shows in the rest of Central America and the US.

There's a message to be given and people are hungry for it.

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