Now a resident of Columbia, SC, singer-songwriter Kimberly Summer is bringing her music to a new city. With a collection of over fifty acoustic folk/rock originals and a strong base of cover songs, Kimberly's repertoire allows her success at any venue. Most currently, songs from Kim's CD, "Listen" have been played on a MADE MTV episode and a MTV BACKSTAGE PASS episode. With her new move to Columbia, she is excited to bring her music to a college town and is looking to record a new CD next Spring.

Drawing Sarah McLachlan and Natalie Merchant comparisons, Kimberly's voice can fill up a room and make complete strangers a captivated audience. On stage, Kimberly Summer becomes everyone: she gives you the ear you need, the shoulder to cry on, the anger inside, or the love you feel.

Check out her website at for more information, photos, and music news!
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