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Vivian Khor's "Paradise" and "Restful Moments" music CDs charted in the New Age genre.


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2005 Release:
Downloadable: "Vivian Khor Live with Orchestra" available on,

Tracks are:
1. Joy of Life ( Orchestra )
2. Tribute ( Orchestra )

2nd CD Relased - "Paradise" 2003
"Paradise" Delvian --She has modernized relaxing music without sweetening or gimmickry. Stress melts away, dreams come, and a sensual world of refreshing ambiance becomes real.

With an ambient sensation, Vivian's fingers flow across the keys to create a simple, but intricate pattern of musical sounds that bring a feeling of peace and quiet.

Many selections are quite interpretive, such as Fly Free, where the music gives the sensation of flying through the air, unburdened by cares and worries; and The Joy of Life, sharing an exhuberant and uplifting.melody; and the rather short, but invigorating Majesty. Others, like Another Moment, are reflective, often touched with a melancholic presence, guiding one into a meditative moment.


Bach, Debussy, and everything else.


Vivian Khor has been writing and performing music at an early age.

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Although California resident Vivian Khor is of Asian descent, Paradise isn't among 2003's more overtly Asian-minded new age releases. There have been an abundance of new age discs that were heavily influenced by Asian music ? Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, or otherwise. But Paradise doesn't fit that description. Rather, Khor favors a more conventional approach to new age that gets its inspiration from romantic movie themes as well as the recordings of Suzanne Ciani (who is obviously a major influence). While the self-produced Paradise isn't one of new age's more challenging, innovative, or cutting-edge CDs, Khor's material is generally enjoyable. The adjectives that are usually applied to new age discs ? calm, tranquil, peaceful, serene, placid, soothing ? easily describe Paradise, and the song titles are stereotypical new age titles. When you see titles like "The Joy of Life" and "Soothing Moments," it's safe to assume that you're getting a new age release ? and, of course, that's exactly what Paradise is. But if Khor's work is less than groundbreaking, Paradise never comes across as stiff, cold, or mechanical ? just the opposite, in fact. For an album that is so heavily produced and programmed, Paradise has a lot of warmth and charm. It also has a very piano-minded outlook; most of the time, Khor uses her keyboards, synthesizers, and sequencers to make Paradise pianistic-sounding (which makes sense when you consider that she has been playing the acoustic piano since childhood). Paradise doesn't pretend to reinvent new age's wheel and falls short of exceptional, although it's a pleasant, worthwhile effort from the West Coast musician. ? Alex Henderson

- Minstrel's Harp, August 2004 Review
Integrating her knowledge of both classical music and modern electronics, Vivian has composed some extremely beautiful and compelling musical numbers.

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Both her first and second CD,"Restful Moments" and ?Paradise? charted in the top 100 of the New Age charts in the year 2001, and 2004.

In addition to writing music, she is also an Electrical Electronics engineer.
Some of the music, especially the piano pieces were dynamically inspired and played live, recording only once through.

Vivian is gifted with the technical experience and knowledge of sound design/engineering while creating the most touching, peaceful, emotional musical compositions.

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