Well I'm KHADIJO a musician and teacher living in Bermuda, and I play three instruments:piano congas and xylophone. I have self produced some of my music in two albums that are out there in the cyber world if you want to check them out. Currently I'm working on my third collection of songs that are a sweet mixture of jazz, hip-hop, funk, electronic, and anything else that will keep my ears jumping. Hope to put this out by Jan 2010. But I wanted to submit my tracks for your movie as a chance to see how far it will go. I am optimistic about what doing something like this can do for me. But I just want to see. So I hope you like it.

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TRES the 3rd album from KHADIJO will be released in JAN'10. Email him for a free track from the album.



Khadijo is a musician and producer in living in Bermuda from St. Croix US Virgin Islands. He plays three instruments: piano, congas, and xylophone. Read more about him on CDbaby.com. Also visit his site on myspace.com/khadijo1.

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