Kerry has been performing publicly for 20 years and has been actively writing songs for 15, penning his first song only months after he began to play piano. Kerry continued writing with his first band, Fields of Youth, which provided him the opportunity to see what worked and didn't work with audiences.
Kerry's music today is the product of many years of that same trial and error, a search to find out what makes a song truly connect with an audience, and, ultimately, with each of our hearts. His lyrics and music are a refreshing truce with pop culture, not content to vomit the hackneyed 3rd-grade-level rhyme schemes that so many artists settle for, yet finding familiar territory on which to build a relationship with the listener.
"I admire artists who create music that is an island...beautiful, mysterious, and hard to reach. But I love the challenge of creating bridges through my songs that will carry the listener safely to those brave new worlds that music opens to us."
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