I am a pannist from Trinidad,West Indies.I started playing the steelpan (National Instrument of Trinidad and Tobago) at the age of sixteen.In my earlier years my taste and desire to learn and play the pan was very minimal but during 2006 while training with my then school's(San Fernando Government Secondary) football(soccer) team I was drawn to the captivating sounds emanating from the school's steelband.I enquired about joining and subsequently became a member.I continued to be a member of the football team as well but eventually had to make a decision between the football team or the steelband.The steelband won.I continued to play with the steelband(ModSec Pan Pioneers) for the duration of my time at the school which was a further four years.During that time I was vice captain and then eventually captain of the band.During that time I saw the band moving through winners row of a local schools steelband competition.

After leaving school I toured the U.S. with the New Creation Steel Orchestra -2000
I also played with the 2000 World Steelband Music Festival winners TCL Group Skiffle Bunch for about four years.

During these years I always had a desire to compose,produce and market my own music.I also had a keen interest in sound engineering and studio work.As a result, in 2004 I completed a course in Sound Engineering at AudioCon in Trinidad and in 2005 produced my second cd entitiled Metamorphosis with five original compositions. This cd enjoyed and still enjoys rotation on one of Trinidad's leading jazz radio stations.Currently the first release from my upcoming album is enjoying rotation too.The name of this song is "Cutting Teeth"
You can also visit or to hear more music from me or do a search on Facebook for Keon Cupid or Mr. Magic Sound Studio and the HandSoM family.I can also be reached at 1 868 757 2853.

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