Karen Ellick was born and raised in Philadelphia, P.A. Her mother was a singer and her father a classical guitar player. She has often said that most of her earliest memories are filled with music in the backround.
Inspired by the folk-rock artists of the 70’s and growing up in the 90’s when some of the greatest bands and solo artists introduced a new era of music, Karen began to write and record an anthology of songs that combines the roots of these sounds. This album, appropriately titled “Center” is the first chapter of work from an artist dedicated to honor all of her inspirations, combined with her own ideas, to meet right in the middle somewhere.
Produced by David Malachowski and engineered by Dae Bennett, this record is a mix of acoustic rock that is laced with David’s soulful guitar and Karen’s powerful lyrics. The combination is ethereal and haunting, familiar and new all at the same time, having one listener coin the phrase “angel-blues” to describe it.
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