Krishna and Mitchell are currently in the studio with the band putting the finishes touches on the "New Stuff". Its HOT.

JUGGERNAUT make final of the International Songwriting Competition: http://www.songwritingcompetition.com

JUGGERNAUT features Krishna and Amarnath Jones textured melodic vocals and rock driven guitars with a pumping rhythm section. JUGGERNAUT also have the ability to strip it back and perform hauntingly beautiful acoustics and ballads.

JUGGERNAUT's musical origins date back to their previous band JUICE where they earned Australia wide recognition and were nominated for an ARIA before touring with Radiohead, Silverchair, The Tea Party and INXS.


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JUGGERNAUT features Krishna and Amarnath Jones textured melodic vocals and rock driven guitars with a pumping rhythm section. JUGGERNAUT also have the ability to strip it back and perform hauntingly beautiful acoustics and ballads.

JUGGERNAUT's musical origins date back to their previous band JUICE where they earned Australia wide recognition and were nominated for an ARIA before touring with Radiohead, Silverchair, The Tea Party and INXS.

Live Review

With lights blaring and smoke machine doing overtime Juggernaut leapt into their set with the heavy riff "Burn", the Jones brothers, Krishna, with soaring vocals and lead guitarist Amarnath, getting things cranking on top of a hard driving bass and drum platform.

Swinging into their next song, the very hooky and perfectly radio groomed "Falling Down" what immediately impresses is this bands strong full sound and almost limitless potential. OK, so they sound like a funked up Soundgarden cum Ben harper and Krishna's voice could easily be a vocal doppleganger in range and scope for Chris Cornell, but they do add a distinct Australian element to their songs.

Mainstream radio could do far worse than to stick most of their songs on the rotation list.

After a quick tuning change the band rocked through a few more songs moving between straight ahead grunge grooves to funky riff-laden guitar sliding blues tunes before the brothers lighten the load, sitting down for a little acoustic jam. The affectionate clean picking sounds of "Unknown Blue" starts soulfully and booms to a rollicking crescendo as the bass player and drummer rejoin the brothers for a few more acoustic-based ditties.

While the acoustic break is enjoyable Juggernaut's seductive just begins to ebb as the crowd banter rises to a rabble but the four-piece revive the vibe with some more rock based blues hardened tracks to finish the set.

Much to the delight of the appreciative crowd the four piece come back on for two more songs. A chunky fast paced number before finishing off with the earthy, jump in your kombi and head up the coast surfing track, "Million Miles From Home", which was still echoing in my head as I started up my trusty vehicle to go home.


"This is a truly satisfying album.... with buzz-saw riffs lashing around like cut snakes and guitar solo gymnastics not seen from a local band since the days of Angus Young..." (Kelsey Munro, SMH Metro 2003)

"The first time I saw Krish and Armi play, I knew they were great musicians, now as Juggernaut they have exceeded my expectations, maturing enormously in themselves and their musical abilities. Their live show is simply not to be missed..." (Tim Farris – INXS)

"Better Than Everyone showcases five songs of raw rock content and moments of acoustic bliss for the ears. Catch a live show and see what all the fuss is about... The Jones Brothers are two of the most talented musicians in the country...” (Zoltan Zavos – The Brag)

Head in the Clouds

Australian four piece Juggernaut binds the textured melodic vocals and rock driven guitars of talented brothers Krishna and Amarnath Jones with the pumping rhythm section of Mick Skelton (drums) and Greg Royal (bass), both popular recording and touring players.

After pricking the ears of media like Triple J and Channel [V] in 2003 with their successful debut “Burn” Juggernaut are making impact this year with the release of their brand new EP “Head in the Clouds”.

The Jones Brothers have matured enormously in their song writing and performance abilities since debuts “Better Than Everyone” EP and long player “Burn”.

This year has also seen Juggernaut feature alongside some of the country's hottest acts and skaters on the new Channel [V] DVD - “Billabong DeTour” (Warner), as well as the new surf movie “The Sixth Element”, a documentary on the incredible life of surfer Ross Clarke-Jones, sponsored by Quicksilver and Red Bull and narrated by Dennis Hopper.

Juggernaut's musical origins date back to their previous band Juice where they earned Australia wide recognition and were nominated for an ARIA, before touring extensively with Radiohead, Soundgarden, Silverchair, The Tea Party and INXS's final tour featuring Michael Hutchence.

“Head In The Clouds” EP in stores early October through MGM Distribution.

Interview with Krishna Jones

1) Who are your 3-5 favourite Australian artists?

1 - AC/DC
5 - INXS

2) What are your 3-5 most played Australian releases? Why?


When I was growing up I was really into Bon Scott and Angus Young. Infact I think he got me through most of highschool. Cold Chisels's first album has some amazing tracks on it like 'One long day' which if you ask me is one of the best Australian tracks ever recorded and Barnsey can still sing. Who can go past 'Short memory' - The Oils, that's one of the first songs I learnt on the guitar. The reason I put Johnny Okeefe in is cos he is a totally original international performer. He is one of the only Australian International singers that has carved his own way and is recognised and respected worldwide. He did it his way. I also love his nephew Andrew O'Keefe on Deal or no Deal. He's the man.

3) What do you think is the most influential Australian music release of all time and why?

Because - Rolf really put Australia on the map with that one, plus he wobbles a mean saw.

4) Which Australian performer (past or present) would you most like to work with?

I have been really fortunate to work with many amazing musicians, some known and some not. Tim Farris [ INXS] has been incredibly supportive of my bands ever since I first supported INXS on their last tour with Michael Hutchence with my first band JUICE.

Since my brother and I returned from the UK in 1999 and formed JUGGERNAUT we reconnected with Tim [Farris] and he dug the new material .He even ended up producing our first EP 'Million MIles fron Home'. That was a fantastic experience. [Lots of fun and lots of rock stories] the best part of that experience was gaining a great friend in Tim and the EP rocks too... thanks largely to him. It's inspiring to see someone like Tim who has been through so much, losing his best friend and singer of his band still so positive and supportive of young bands and music in general. But to answer your question, I always regret that I never really got to know MIchael and record with him. But the only reason JUICE got that last Australian tour was because Michael had heard JUICE on Triple J and demanded that JUICE support INXS on their national tour. This was an amazing compliment for me [then] as a 19 year old musician, signed to a major label, very naieve and just entering the industry.

5) Can you describe one of your most memorable Australian music moments to date:

This is my oldest and most memorable thing that I can remember. My father was a musician in a band called QUINTESSENCE in the late 60's early 70's. So my earliest musical memory was my dad taking me on stage as a child [to show off his hippy baby] when he played at Glastonbury festival. He was the singer of the band and although he hasn't been a part of my life since then, I had all the vinyl and live photo's of him being a singer onstage. I think subconsciously I was idolising the idea of being a singer at a very early age.

6) What are your three favourite music websites?

To be honest with you I've only become computer literate out of necessity and I only utilise the computer for protools and other musical programs. A mate of mine was generous to do the JUGGERNAUT site when we were struggling and and he has done an awesome job. Other bands that I love are the Black Crowes, Led Zeppelin, Turin Brakes. As an unsigned act all that you can aspire to do is to stand up to the international releases and websites etc Check out the JUGGERNAUT site @ www.juggernaut.net.au and a great hip hop act that I have been producing called BEACON @ www.hiphopraprock.com

Interview with Krishna Jones

7) What, where and when was the first local gig you attended?

SANTANA - Entertainment Centre - 12 years old It was an overwhelming gig.

I think I left after the 3rd or 4th song. I dragged my older brother Armi out [begrudgingly] . I think the sheer volume of the gig really freaked me out and the unstoppable energy was too much. Also I was going a bit green from the joint we'd just smoked. I do remember through the green haze that Kevin Borich was supporting and got up and jammed with SANTANA. His son Lucious was a childhood friend of my brother and I and became a member of JUICE when we formed. Kevin Borich became our mentor in a lot of ways growing up.

8) Can you tell AMO a story behind your latest release?

Our release is titled 'HEAD IN THE CLOUDS' HEAD IN THE CLOUDS has been one of my favourite tracks for a long time and for some reason it never saw the light of day. So when a good friend of mine who was editing the ROSS CLARKE JONES documentary with Denis Hopper narrating, was having trouble finding the right music for the film, he cut a version of the film with JUGGERNAUT demo's all the way through for the director to see. Once the director had seen the cut with the JUGGERNAUT soundtrack he was sold. So really HEAD IN THE CLOUDS became the leader track for the ROSS CLARK JONES 'THE SIXTH ELEMENT' Surfing documentary.

And it has been a fabulous project to be involved with. Ross is an amazing person and has an incredible story that everyone should hear. The plan is for JUGGERNAUT to do the world launches for this film in Brazil, USA, Europe and the US.Its going to be great to play to all the surfies.They always go off.

9) Lastly, what do you think is the most important issue facing Australian music today?

The saddest reality about the Australian music industry and the current Australian government is that all the funding that keeps the Australian economy stable goes into agriculture and defence [and always has outside of the Whitlam years].

Basically I don't think Australia has ever really backed itself as far as the arts is concerned [ Australians have always been innovative inventors and have been forced to sell their ideas overseas as the government is unsupportive].

The biggest issue facing Australian music today is the lack of support from Australian radio stations who continue to play way over 75% international music [an unknown fact is that every radio stations has to pay an extra royalty for every Australian track that they play. So obviously radio stations are always going to play international content because it is cheaper. This is why there is a law on the amount of Australian music that has to be played and most radio stations play only the minimum amount as dictated by the law to avoid paying extra royalties.

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