Jeff Hourmouzis is the guitarist/keyboardist/backup vocalist for Silence of a Silhouette.

Forming in November of 2004, this band had one thing in mind: to bring a different sound to the everyday music scene in Cleveland. Today, Silence of a Silhouette, has successfully done that. Bringing in diverse influences such as Taking Back Sunday, Saosin, Emery, Thrice, and many more help make this band very unique. With lyrics that relate to the audience, carefully written music and unforgettable stage performance, Silence of a Silhouette leaves a lasting impression.
They have played many venues such as the Agora, The Odeon, Peabody's, and even Cleveland's Warped Tour date in 2008.
Silence of a Silhouette has opened for Quiet Drive, The Higher, Just Surrender, Attack Attack, Asleep, along with a few of their own headlining shows.
Silence of a Silhouette is making plans to tour this fall throughout the Midwest.
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