Born in Mexico City, Mexico to famous Cuban songwriter Margarita Lecuona, Joseph Lecuona was raised in Cuba, Argentina and the United States.

The famous songs, “Tabu” and “Babalu” (popularized by Desi Arnaz on the “I Love Lucy Show”) are but two of Margarita Lecuona’s world wide hits.

Through his family lineage he is also the grand nephew of Ernesto Lecuona, composer of such classic hits as “Malaguena”, “The breeze And I” and many others. Even though he wrote many popular Latin American hits in the 20’s and 30’s he is also considered one of the most illustrious classical composers of the 20th century.

From an early age Joseph was exposed to the many musical influences that his talented family freely provided.

His mother, a master musician, taught Joseph guitar, piano and voice starting at age 4.

“My writing and compositional skills are the direct result of her teaching. I also remember sitting by her side for hours as she wrote many of her songs and absorbing the who
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