Music has been at the center of John's life from the beginning. His earliest memories are of family and friends gathering in the front room of the homestead house, playing old fiddle and dance tunes until the early morning hours.
Listening to Eagles, Poco, Jackson Browne, and other albums in the basement on the ranch house, he taught himself to play guitar and sing like the pros. He picked up the guitar at age 13 and wrote his first song by 14, inspired by the deep sky, endless green fields, and rugged buttes of his southwestern North Dakota home. He was baptized at 15 by a travelling preacher, and by sixteen he was playing bass guitar in a travelling country gospel band, and had written over 100 songs, without reading a note--his genius was all by ear. In the next few years he found like-minded musicians to collaborate on songwriting, and his skills soared.
To contact John, you can call him at (701) 763-6202, or email him at
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