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I can't think of any specific bands or writers that have influenced me above any others - there are so many who have blended into the mix.


Hi. I'm a 30-something songwriter from London, England, looking to get that first song cut.

I've been writing on and off for many years, but it's only in the last two or three that I've been making any attempt to make a career out of it. I've been into music since a very early age - when I was eight I was big into Abba, and then in my teenage years made the logical move into heavy rock (!?) which eventually gave way to U2, Radiohead, Floyd and the like.

And then more recently - during a couple of years working in the US - I unexpectedly got to liking country music. Which at the time (with Faith Hill big on MTV, etc) struck me as more or less the same stuff I'd been writing and listening to for ages anyway (albeit in other genres).

And so it occured to me that there was a market for the kind of stuff I was writing, and that it was possible to make it as a songwriter rather than an artist - which is something I've never really wanted to be.

My songs are probably a broad mix of all of the above. Musically I tend to stick to classic songwriter type stuff - big melodies, big harmonies, drama that comes from the song structure rather than from the sound or production. Although I do like to write the odd throwaway trashy pop song now and again, so never rule anything out !

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