Jim Seekamp is the author of almost 1000 songs and finished his 1st recording project in 1985; "The Secret Kingdom", He has recorded 26 more albums since then, including 11 with the band Xylem.

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Jim's latest albums (from 2021) are a solo album "Be Lifted Up", the Xylem album "Channel Of Life", and the Xylem Christmas album "Gifts For The King". www.jimseekamp.com

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Working on 8th CD.

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Jim Seekamp is the author of over 400 songs, and has been the worship leader at a number of churches over the years. He finished his 1st recording project in 1985; “The Secret Kingdom,” his second project in 1987; “The Sword And The Stone”, (on which he played all the instruments except one keyboard part), his third project, "My Horn Is Lifted High" in 1990, his fourth, "Channel Of Life" in 1996, and came out with "Best Of Jim Seekamp" in 2001. In 2003, Jim recorded "Unrecognized" (Pictured above: 1. Randy, 2. Lori 3. Jim 4. Craig) His worship CD, "Jim Seekamp VII - The Sabbath Album", came out in May 2004. Jim has been in a number of bands, including Channel (1985-86), Reason (1988-89), the Mudsharks (1990-91), and started "Xylem" in March of 2005.

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