We play strait up rock & roll, and we do it well.
The only reason I don't get more specific than just rock is that we can and do play just about anything that falls under that heading. Not JUST pop, or modern, or jam, or regae, or bluegrass, but all of it.
We have a tendancy to not play the same songs the same way all the time, which is why thrown into the jam category. Trouble with the jam category is that we have much more energy than most jam bands. I suppose you could call our style "multi-purpose rock and roll".

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Contact: Joe Phillips Cell: 419-944-8848
Home: 419-836-6565
e-mail: joep@joehoffmannband.com
web: www.joehoffmannband.com

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As much as I get asked who we sound like, I still have yet to come up with an acurate answer. Best I can do is to have you imagine the Allmen Brothers band playing Coldplay od Machbox 20 songs. Mainsream with much rock & rolling.


The Joe Hoffmann Band has a wide variety of in fluences.
Both of our guitar players, and also songwriters, Joe Romano and Braden Hoffmann, have been heavily influenced by Jimi Hendrix, and Stevie Ra


It's kinda hard to say when the Joe Hoffmann Band actually got it's start. Best guess is somewhere near late 1999 and early 2000 when the Hoffmann boys, Lenny Tomanski, and Joe Phillips got together to play for a school function. Back then we called ourselves "Falling Upward". Up until that point we had been in separate bands. Lenny and Joe in a metal band called "Anguish", and Adam Braden & Chandler in "Haze". After both bands had recently disolved, we had been spending a good amount of time sitting in at open mic blues jams. That went on for quite a few months prior to us actually putting a band together.
After finishing said school event, this tall guy named Joe Romano comes up and lets us know he would like to jam with us some time. We invited him to an open jam with the rest of us, and low and behold, this cat had some chops. (musician term for "he's good") Being as Lenny had other responsibilities, Joe Romano was quickly brought on board.

This change in line-up left the band with two Joe's and three Hoffmann's, the Joe Hoffmann Band. The rest is history.

As of recently, the Joe Hoffmann Band has released their first album as a self title and is starting to expand to such regional makets as Ohio State University in columbus, OH,
University of Notre Dame in South Bend, IN , and University of Miami (OH) in Oxford, OH.

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