Songwriter history:

Piano, vocal, and guitar lessons as a kid.

High school band 1975-1978 covering 70's classic rock bands.

Piano lessons, choir - tenor, music theory, ear training, music history at the Hartt School of Music as part of a combined music/engineering degree (acoustics) from the University of Hartford, grad 1983.

Have been working 19+ years as an engineer for Verizon, raising two children, songwriting, recording, kayaking, mountain hiking and otherwise goofing around.

Decided to sell out and produce and market original songs under the name "R" Green Playpen in 2002.

Press Info

I've been impersonating Rip Van Winkle for 20 years as a responsible adult under the radar of the press, thank God.

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Huh? You can't be serious


70's rock; pop, folk, and reggae, alternative.
Classical music


Songwriter. Performing and recording original songs playing the following instruments: piano, synth, acoustic and electric guitars, vocals, bass, drums, percussion.

Elementary through High School: guitar and piano lessons , Church choir - tenor, High School classic rock cover band. Grad HS 1978

College: Hartt School of Music/University of Hartford Music/Engineering degree (Acoustics). Piano lessons, choir, ear training, music theory and history, and engineering courses. Grad 1983 BS Engineering/Acoustics

Home studio songwriting and CD production since then.

Day job 19 years Engineer for NYTel/NETel/NYNEX/Bell Atlantic/Verizon.

Married, two kids 19 and 15 years old.

Adirondack 46r #4149

Touring kayaker.

Jan 2002 decided to package and market songs under the shingle "R" Green Playpen.

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