I'm from Detroit, birthplace of Motown. I'm a multi-faceted artist/producer/singer/rapper. I sing about God and the many challenges in life. This leads to the ultimate reward, through his son Jesus Christ. So I'm not here for the fame. I hope you receive the message of hope through my music. If one of my songs gets picked up, let the the glory be to God, and him only.

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My name is Willie Larry Griggs, also known as Jazzy LG. I have enjoyed making
and playing music nearly my whole life. Originally from Detroit, Michigan, I grew up around the Motown sound. At the age of 12, I started toying with a Casio keyboard, listening to songs on the radio, and beginning to understand how to play by ear. I focused mainly on improving my writing and vocal skills, and was already well schooled in improvisational music (playing by ear). In 1984, I entered the U.S. Army, where I studied to be an X-ray Technologist; I interacted with musicians and artists from all over the country. While stationed at Fort Sam Houston, I participated in many talent shows and produced songs for numerous military and civilian talents. Notably, in 1987 I had the honor of being a part of one of the premier rap groups in San Antonio, called Born Fresh Posse. It consisted of me as producer/keyboardist/back-up vocals, A. Jackson, Timothy Brown (deceased), and DJ Veno. We performed commercial, clean rap, laced with smooth r&b choruses, at high schools, the june-teenth festival (1988) , and the same year ,won the right to open up for these legends of hip hop : KRS-ONE, ICE-TEE , DOUG E. FRESH , KOOL MOE DEE , BIZ MARKIE, AND ERIK B& RAKIM! After the concert, the group didn’t stay together too long. I was discovered by a local independent record label, Belt Drive records (1992). I was part of a group called SPLIT IMAGE, signed for 1 year and recorded 2 songs. I have developed my

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