Born in Kansas City Missouri, Playing with the Golden Lace band, Ron, or Aura Wyatt has brought about arrangements that are unique but still have a jazz feel to them. The members conist of vocalist Mykee Harrell, Bassist, Andrew Johnson , and the keyboardist R Wyatt.
An alternate member that records while not gigging is "Shoes", Arnette Anderson...

Aura grew up iin what is commonly called the ghetto, Played with the group golden lace until other responsibilietes and projects gave way to playing music in public. Always looking for new and fresh ideas he moved to St. Louis where he teamed up with various Artist doing backup voacals, keyboard work and any other thing to do with a musical event.

After St. Louis came Dallas Texas where more responsiblities were added, but the music never stopped. Finally a stop in Houston Texas where Aura studied the guitar and musical arranging. Although the arrangements may sound simple, play close attention to the subleties induced by no
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